What Is LuraLean?

LuranLean is a patented ingredient made by AHD International.  LuraLean is a fiber that is obtained from the Amorphophallus Propol plant grown in Japan. To extract the fiber, the plant is put through an extraction process which is said to remover all traces of enzymes and impurities, but still retains the fiber content. The process is designed so that the fiber will not break down as it passes through the body. Once processed LuraLean is 97% fiber.

How Does LuraLean help With Weight Loss?

LuraLean works as an appetite suppressant in that it expands up to 200 times its original size. LuraLean also has a viscosity greater than 100,000. This means that you have the feeling of being full not long after taking it in. Because LuraLean is a zero-calorie ingredient it helps to greatly decrease the number of calories an individual consumes.

Along with causing appetite suppression LuraLean helps to reduce fat by binding and attracting excess oils, calories and cholesterol. LuraLean is a great ingredient to consume before having lunch or dinner to help reduce the number of calories absorbed by the body. A diet high in fiber also helps regulate blood lipid levels making it easier for your body to keep LDL (bad cholesterol) under control.

Why Does Your Body Need Fiber?

Fiber is needed to properly digest food and is an important source to promote a healthy digestive system. Fiber attracts water to itself and adds bulk which helps soften stools which also helps for better digestion in lower intestines.  Fiber is then fermented in the lower intestines. This fermentation helps the body create and absorb more nutrients and vitamins.

Benefits of LuraLean!

Reduces Appetite Blocks Fat
Regulates Glucose Improves Cholesterol Levels

Side Effects of LuraLean

Side effects of LuraLean are just about the same as the side effects of taking in too much fiber. If you don’t drink enough water fiber can become a serious problem and cause a blockage in your digestive system. This is rare but is possible if you take in way too much and not enough water. Other side effects include abdominal discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, and gas. To reduce these side effects just make sure to drink enough water and to eat a small snack with LuraLean. This will help reduce the chance of having an upset stomach.

Is LuraLean Safe?

Yes, LuraLean is safe. Most people don’t experience any side effects with LuraLean and enjoy the benefits that this supplement can bring. Because LuraLean is an extract from a seed that is commonly used as food there is less chance of their being unkonwn sideeffects devoloping from people taking this extract. LuraLean also has had several different clinical trials testing its effectiveness and safety before it hit the market and has been available for use in Europe for a few years now.    

Overall you shouldn’t notice any side effects from LuraLean unless you have an allergy to the product. LuraLean has been around long enough that if any major side effects were going to come out from this product they already would have come out.